About Us

Digital Marketing by SEO NYC PRO is Unlike Any Other

Our Mission

  1. To be the Most Effective New York City Digital Marketing Agency
  2. To Help Our Clients Quickly and Effectively Meet Their Sales Goals
  3. To Innovate and Pioneer New SEO Best Practices and Techniques

NYC SEO PRO is a group of SEO and SEM specialists in Manhattan, New York City, providing search engine optimization, website design and digital marketing services. We create keyword-rich content, edit websites, and redesign them when necessary. We work with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to repair errors and optimize performance. We also develop paid-click campaigns with Google AdWords. If your website is under-performing in organic SERPs (search engine result pages) because of reputation or other issues, we’re ready to help.

We are a smaller but full-service digital marketing agency in New York City serving local businesses in many categories. With us, you’ll always be speaking to, and working with, senior-level people. We can capture the unique aspects of your business and get those across to clients online. Making sure those come across clearly and compellingly on your website as well as in directory citations, blog posts, and backlink content is the key to success.

Our NYC SEO writers are highly adept at creating keyword-specific content to optimize your landing pages and home page for better click and conversion rates. We also build all-important links, internally and externally, to help search engines easily grasp the purpose and intent of your website. Creating website-content with uniqueness and clarity is our specialty. If you give us a 10-minute phone call at 212-206-0750, we can explain many ways we can improve your website’s coding and user-experience (UX).

NYC’s Most Effective SEO Specialists We Can Help You be On Page One

Because our methods are among the most effective SEO NYC has available, we’re able to help clients in high-competition categories. Our current successes and deep knowledge of what works means the minute we begin working with you; we can help. You’ll quickly be moving up in organic search results on Google, Bing, and other important search engines. If you’d like to learn more and have a deeper understanding of the process and methods, we’re always available to explain and strategize. Or if you’d prefer to be less involved, we can work to get the results you’re after without you needing to lift a finger.

We are committed to white-hat SEO and build backlinks honestly. Our writers and link-builders individually register and write fresh content to link to your website URL. The high-quality backlinks we create will build your Page Rank and Domain Authority. Both of these will help your website’s url become more visible and easier for customers to find.

The Best SEO Flows from Outstanding Content Search Engines are Smart and Sophisticated Today

We’ll help you become an effective blogger and write press release campaigns to explain and promote developments in your business. We also will connect your website and blog content to influential social media platforms, including Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. We run SEO analyses to identify weaknesses and opportunities to repair, rewrite, or disavow content that may be hurting you. We also repair bad reputations, have spammy or irrelevant pages removed from external servers, and eliminate SEO penalties on websites.

Our specialists have significant experience designing, writing, and reworking websites in html, php, and other CMSs. We’re also experts at WordPress, Joomla, Drupal as well as the needs of eCommerce websites in Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. If you’re selling online, we can create shopping carts, payment portals, email customer lists, newsletter subscription databases, and customer contact forms.

Paid-Click Campaigns in Google AdWords Work Hand in Hand with Powerful SEO

As Google Adwords managers, we skillfully create local and nationally targeted PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaigns. We also develop remarketing campaigns, as well as display banner ads and video campaigns. Our AdWords pros presently manage several campaigns and are in touch continuously with Google representatives for campaign optimization and targeting strategies.

We are experts at lowering CPC (cost per click), improving keyword quality scores, accumulating negative keyword lists, creating ad extensions, landing pages, telephone phone campaigns, geo-targeting and setting preferences for demographic targeting. Our team also has experience with Google Merchant Center and can direct eCommerce product feeds to search engine shopping sections.

We are Passionate About Our Clients’ Success

Taking a 360-degree view of our client’s businesses and making sure that their strengths come through clearly online is the core of what we do. Among New York City SEO firms, we are known for a thoughtful and strategic approach. We dig deep and craft compelling stories that ride above the technically sound foundation that we give to every client website. We will optimize your website, server, images, javascript and CSS to make certain that everything is mobile friendly, loads quickly to achieve good speed scores, is error-free and cleaned up overall. Details like site maps, image alternate text, and the inclusion of embedded maps where appropriate will be added to maximize every potential opportunity.

Our team is comprised of experienced and creative people who take responsibility for our client’s satisfaction and success. We love what we do and are hands-on in every respect. We also have an extensive service offering that includes paid click campaigns through Google AdWords and others, remarketing, e-mail campaigns and list building, social media, banner advertising, local directory citations, and backlinking. It is our unique mix of these elements, tailored to suit your business’ needs, that will bring the results and sales growth you’re after online.

Our digital marketing work speaks for itself. We deliver an outstanding service custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients — big or small.